Friday, 27 January 2012

The Strand, New York City

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Strand Bookstore in New York City. After Shakespeare & Company in Paris, the Strand is perhaps the most hyped bookstore I know about. Featured in Dash & Lily's Book of Dares and shown very briefly in the movies Julie & Julia and Remember Me, the Strand is within walking distance of many other book shops and was the first stop on my list. 

While the Barnes & Noble at 18th Street claims to be the world's largest bookstore, the Strand certainly felt bigger to me. Carts like the one pictured above surround the outside of the shop, and the inside contains four floors of books. The books were cheaply priced and the store also sold some wonderful bookish merchandise (tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, journals, etc.) While I heard that the staff was infamous for being rude, I thought they were all perfectly nice. 

Before I went to the Strand, I imagined it to be massive but very dusty, with primarily used books. While I was right about the size, the Strand sells used, new and rare books and is a warm and charming bookstore. Definitely a must-see for anyone bookish while visiting New York. 


  1. I went there about four years ago and was completely amazed by it! It's just so full of books, of any kind. I just remember having the impression of being literally surrounded by tons of books. I wish I had had a better knowledge of the English language at that time so I could fully enjoy the experience and buy some books too!

  2. I went there for the first time in 2009 and I fell in love. It's amazing and I could wander around there for hours.

  3. Wow - that looks amazing! I hope that I can go there sometime, what a place!

    Jessica from Booked Up!

    :) xxx



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