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Review: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Title: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Scott Pilgrim #4)
Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Publisher: Oni Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2007
Genre: YA, Graphic Novel

It’s summer in Toronto and Scott Pilgrim is finally going to get it together. He’s going to start by finally getting a job and stop freeloading off his roommate, Wallace Wells. And he may even step things up with Ramona by finally breaking out the ‘L word.’ Things are still complicated for Scott: he’s had a bit of a break from fighting Ramona’s seven evil exes, but he still has four to defeat. And who is the strange older man who has been trying to kill Scott with a samurai sword? Scott and Ramona are having a few problems in their relationship that are actually not related to someone trying to kill them. Scott’s upset that he knows next to nothing about Ramona, including how old she actually is. When Scott’s high school friend Lisa Miller is back in town, he’ll find out that even Ramona gets jealous sometimes. Will Scott be able to get it together while working to defeat Ramona’s fourth ex?

As the fourth volume begins, Scott and his friends are at a party in The Beaches. The first few pages were actually in colour, which was very cool. This volume also began with a one-page summary of the who’s who, and I liked having that refresher. Overall, this was my second favourite in the series so far (nothing beats the first.) It’s hard to say exactly what I liked about it. There was less fighting in this volume, and we aren’t introduced to Ramona’s fourth ex until towards the end. Roxie was an awesome villain, although Matthew Patel will always be my favourite due to the pirate outfit and the singing. I liked how Gets It Together focused a lot on Scott and Ramona’s relationship. In some ways, this book felt a little more mature than the others in the series, since Scott is slowly getting things together. He gets a job, learns more about Ramona and I liked how this book was focused a fair bit on that as well as the battles. Although, Scott is still self-absorbed and clueless, so nothing’s changed in some ways. I said before that I prefer book-Ramona to movie-Ramona, since she seems more like a real person. I still feel that way, although Ramona has some moments in this volume when she annoyed me. I still like her as a whole, though. I can understand why Scott is willing to fight for her.

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together was exciting and quite funny. It made me want to read volume five very badly. These books are creative and very entertaining and I’m having a lot of fun reading them. Although a good part of this book is focusing on things aside from the main plot, you could still see it slowly building up to the penultimate book in the series. What was it that Scott saw in Ramona’s head and why did it make her so upset? Who are the next three evil exes and will Scott be able to defeat them? Who is Gideon and why did he form the league? Will Scott and Ramona be able to make it work when the whole world seems to be against them? I will definitely be reading Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe to find out.


“Scott, if your life had a face, I would punch it. I would punch your life in the face.”

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