Saturday, 30 July 2011

New Books = Happiness

After what felt like a very long dry spell, I finally went to Chapters and bought some new books today. I have a small list of some books I've read that I need to buy, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky topped it. I actually didn't really like Perks when I first read it in high school but I gave it another shot last month and loved it. Another example of me being completely wrong the first time I read something.

I had actually never heard of Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth by Chris Priestley until I found it in the YA section today. The cover looked so amazing that I felt like I had to buy it. Usually (especially when I'm not shopping used) I don't make impulsive buys, just to be safe. However, I'm really optimistic about this book. I was a bit worried when I came home and checked goodreads to find out that it's the third book in a series. Thankfully, the series is none sequential, so it shouldn't matter too much if I start at the end.

During the school year, I went book shopping/browsing one night every week (usually Thursday.) I'm awful with budgets, and always take money that's budgeted for one thing and spend it on another (books.) Most people I know do the same thing with alcohol. This is why I buy my groceries with gift cards, other wise I'd have a very full bookshelf and an empty fridge. I buy more books than I should, but I've slowed down recently. On my end of week trips to Chapters, I'd usually start at Starbs and get a latte, maybe read there for a bit, then look around for an hour or so. I'd nearly always run into someone from school and chat with them for a bit and then look around a bit more. This sounds like nothing special, but many a time one of these trips saved my sanity, whether I bought something or not. Simply being in a bookstore makes me incredibly happy (although buying things is a plus.) Lately, whenever I go to a bookshop, I feel a bit rushed, so it's not the same.

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