Wednesday, 27 July 2011

An Introduction...

Something strange happened today.
The day started off when I woke up fairly early, since my dad's cell phone went off and woke everyone up (it actually interrupted me from a strange dream, involving WWIII and my family becoming war time refugees that were forced to leave North America for the UK- Catherine Tate actually made an appearance. Apparently we were friends). Anyways, I got a head start on writing a book review, the idea being that I'd finish it quickly and be able to start a new book as a reward. Here's where the strange part comes in: once I finished writing, I didn't feel like reading at all. First I thought it was because of the book, since I couldn't get into it, but as it turns out, it's me. Today, I am not in the mood to read, which is practically  a first in my 21 years of life. Today, whenever I start a book, I get bored almost instantly (sometimes I get like this with music, where I'll be skipping through every song on my iPod and not finishing one). Everything on TV was just as boring (even Merlin! I love Merlin) and I didn't feel like a movie either. And all my friends are either on vacation or at work (I'm jealous on both accounts). Anyways, one thing lead to another, and I decided to make a book blog, via blogger. I already have a book tumblr, and I love it, but tumblr is more pictures and quotes, while blogger seems to have more room for the ramblings of a bored twenty-something. Although it might take me a while to get the hang of it, I thought I'd give it a shot. 

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