Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bookshop Profile: World's Smallest BookShop, Kinmount, ON

For the last weekend of my February reading week this year, my family decided to go to a friend's cottage near Bancroft, ON for the weekend. On the way there we passed huge signs labeled "Worlds Smallest Bookshop." For some reason we couldn't turn around, but we stopped by on the way back.

More books are available in the main store inside, called Daniels Dandy Den, but the little shop by the road is open 24 hours, self serve and all books are $3.

Very cute little shop with a good selection of books. I find that some of the smallest shops often have the best books. I ended up going a bit overboard and bought 7 books for $21. Stopping there was a very nice end for my study break.

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